"Press Forward: A Book of Mormon Family Musical."

An original full-length musical, based on the Book of Mormon, written for the Sandy East Stake, in Sandy, Utah. The musical follows the life of the prophets Lehi and Nephi, from Nephi's early teens to his senior years. The musical shows the prophetic calling of Lehi in Jerusalem; the 8-year wilderness journey of their family; Nephi's growth as a prophet in his own right; and the establishment of two unique civilizations in the New World.

The personal struggles, family dramas, triumphs and heartaches of the men and women of this family are also shown, giving strength to faithful souls in our time, seeking to "press forward" through our own unique challenges.

The musical will be performed on April 28-30, at the beautiful LDS Conference Center Little Theater, in Salt Lake City, Utah. We encourage you to mark your calendar, invite your friends, neighbors and family to come enjoy this musical. Show will begin at 7:00 pm nightly with 2:00 matinee on Saturday the 30th.

Please contact your ward rep for further information: [include ward rep name here and phone# or email.]

Chris Mounteer-Indian Ridge
Dale Hoskins-Albion
Kathy Stimpson-Pinehurst
Jennifer Ballstaedt-Eagle Cliff
Delese Bettinson-Wildflower
Sherry and Barry Newbold-Heytsbury
Jennifer Jolley-Buttercup

FYI - An image and new text will be available in a couple of weeks and will be forwarded to you asap.

Thank you for all your support in this wonderful production.



Song: Ye Must Press Forward (SA)

Click here for the title song, "Ye Must Press Forward," shared in SA form, in PDF format.

Publicity Statement

Click here for a brief description of the show, for use by ward reps, newsletter editors, social media users,  and others in publicizing the production.

Producing This Show Yourself

Printed music, orchestration tracks, and scripts are available. Write here for more information.

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"Wherefore, ye must press forward,
with a steadfastness in Christ."

- 2 Nephi 32:20

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