On August 30, 2015, the cast of "Press Forward: A Book of Mormon Family Musical"  participated in a special fireside for the Sandy East Stake.   This fireside contained a preview of the musical, as well as other talks and music on the theme "Defending the Family."  

This preview served as the performance foundation for our show.   Please feel free to enjoy and download it here.

 (A special thanks to Andrew Curtis for recording the fireside, and to Josh Krebs for preparing the mp3's.) 

# What: Who: Time:
00 Prelude Music (Primary songs) Children of the cast and stake  4:22
01 Introduction President John Andrus  1:18
02 Opening Prayer Doug Haycock, 2nd ward  1:51
03 Introduction #2 President John Andrus  1:06
04 Song: The Family is of God Children of the cast and stake  3:26
05 Piano: Families Can Be Together Carrie Wrigley (as children returned to seats)  1:28 
06 Talk: The Family Proclamation, 20 years later Connie Slaughter  3:54
07 SONG: The Family Proclamation Full Cast 14:07 
08 Piano: Strengthen the Family Carrie Wrigley (as cast left the chapel)  0:50
09 Talk: How This Song Came to Be Delese Bettinson  5:47 
10 SONG: Plan of Family Love Delese, Carrie, Angels  3:35
11 Introduction #3 President John Andrus  0:22 
12 Talk: Bringing the Book of Mormon to Life  Matthew Krebs  5:29
13 SONG: Preview - BOM Preview BOM Cast 12:02 
14 Talk: The Book of Mormon: A Guide for Imperfect Families Terri Smith, Stake RS president  5:42
15 SONG Liahona of Light BOM Cast  3:01 
16 Talk: The Book of Mormon Starts with a Family  President John Andrus  2:31
17 SONG: We Talk of Christ BOM Cast  3:54 
18 Closing Prayer Margie Guest, Stake Primary president  0:49

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