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Production Team        


1 - Core Cast:    (26: 18 adults, 8 children - Families of Lehi and Ishmael, Acts 1 and 2)

 Lehi  Bruce Sullivan     Sariah   Carrie Wrigley 
 Laman  Chris Mounteer                           Lemuel  Josh Krebs 
 Sam  Grant Langston      Nephi  Michael Wrigley
 Zoram  Matt Maxwell       
 Ishmael  Bryant Howell     Mrs. Ishmael     Debbie Allred
 Mrs. Laman  Mandy Mounteer    Mrs. Lemuel  Jenny Ballsteadt 
 Mrs. Sam  Madi Haycock     Mrs. Nephi  Callie Lythgoe 
 Mrs. Zoram  Janae Smith       
 Son of Ishamel 1     Andrew Curtis    Son of Ishmael 2     Matthew Krebs
 SoI 1's Wife  Camarie Curtis    SoI 2's Wife  Rachel Larson
 Children, SoI 1  Britton Bettinson    Children, SoI 2  Julia Wiedeman
   Hannah Demke      Daphne Mounteer
   Zoey Slaughter      Parker Bettinson
   Miah Larson      Hannah Larson


2 - Narrators:    (4 adults,  Act 1 and 2)

 Older Nephi     Jaron Briggs     Angel Narrator 1   Anne Cecala 
 Older Nephi's Wife    Jen Jolley                          Angel Narrator 2  Annie Wrigley 


3 - Ensemble Cast:  (22: 19 adults/teens, 3 children)  

 Laban  Jeff Bettinson     Idolatrous High Priestesses     

 Kirin Krebs 

 Nicole Hillary

 Laban's Henchmen   

 Alan Moss

 David Bogenrief

                         Aristocratic Woman  Desiree Robinson 
 Laban's Guards

 Justin Martell

 Jordan Martell

   Herbshop Women   Crystal Carrier

 Angela Griffin

   O'Ryan Jones

 Jacob Andrus

 Nick Anderson

    Beggar Women  Terrie Simmons

 Eden Krebs

 Turkish Merchant  Michael Carrier    Village Gossip  Allie Jones
 Chief Priests

 Joseph Wrigley*  

 Kyle Frogley*

    Street Urchins 

 Keturah Krebs

 Ammon Krebs

 Ashton Curtis

(These all begin as People of Jerusalem; in late Act 1 become Angels;  then in mid Act 2 become Lamanites - except * who become Jacob and Joseph (Nephites).  At the end of Act 2, all from this group become Later Generations.)


4 - Angels:  (19: 19 adults/teens, 0 children)

 Zephaniah/Voice of God    Jeff Kocherhans*                             Lead Guardian Angel  Delese Bettinson    
 Jeremiah  Steve Wrigley*      
 Guardian Angels, Male

 Aaron Parks

 Jacob Pehrson

   Guardian Angels, Female    

 Brynn Lythgoe

 Katie Jones

 Megan Haycock

 Angel Choir, Male

 Barry Newbold

 Joel Tuaileva

 Treven Cole

   Angel Choir, Female

 Kathy Stimpson

 Laurel Tuaileva

 Lyndel Hammond

 Madi Stone

 Ronee Scott

 Sherry Newbold

 Sue Watts

 Valerie Wanlass

(These all remain Angels from beginning to end of the show, other than * who begin as their mortal prophet selves, and then become angels as their immortal prophet selves later in Act 1.   The Angels generally sing with the Narrators, providing reinforcement to key characters in the Core Cast throughout the show.    They provide a wise "Greek Chorus" type of presence, commenting to the audience about the action onstage, from the perspective of immortality.   They provide kindly backup and support to facilitate the efforts of mortals - a peaceful and calming presence even in the face of great turbulence.   Very much like the real angels!)  

5 - Wilderness Children:  (10 children - 8 Nephite, 2 Lamanite.)

NEPHITE CHILDREN:                                LAMANITE CHILDREN:




 Lehi's Children:      Laman's Children  Jacob Weidenman

 Young Jacob

 Logan Slaughter    Lemuel's Children   Paige Ballsteadt

 Nephi's Sisters

   (Narrators' Young Selves)    

 Mercedes Langston  

 Malia Langston

 Sam's Children

 Cadence Bettinson

 Bridget Ballsteadt

 Zoram's Children

 Lily Smith

 Dallon Carrier



 Nephi's Children

 Shaylyn Stevens


 (These spend Act 1 as "Baby Angels" - pre-existant spirits awaiting their entrance into Lehi's family. They appear in Act 2 as mortal members of Lehi's family.) 

(In Act 2, Nephite children are joined by Parker and Miah; Lamanite Children are joined by remaining Core Cast and Ensemble cast children.  These add 2 more Nephites, 9 more Lamanites - making a total in Act 2 of 10 Nephite children and 11 Lamanite children;  21 children total. 81 total in the cast.)

6-Production Team   

Writer / Director Carrie Maxwell Wrigley            Technical Director / Light Design    Marshall Crawley
Stage Manager Don Crawshaw   Sound Manager Kevin Allred
Recording Engineer Jeff Kocherhans   Graphic Design Matt Maxwell
Sets and Props Sonja Ervin   Costumes Esther Janmohammed
Asst. Director (Movement) Jolyn Stevens   Assistant Director (Music) Sue Watts
Assistant Director (Angels)     Delese Bettinson   Assistant Director (Ensemble)    Kirin Krebs
Publicity Director Peggy Schwendiman   Priesthood Advisor Dale Hopkins
Priesthood Leader President John Andrus   Conference Center Coordinator      Kory Borgia


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