This development team was of crucial performance the first year, in doing initial research and brainstroming, crafting and polishing the script, extending outreach to bring in cast and crew, and overseeing various administrative tasks.  Many members of the team remained through the production period, assisting with various tasks to bring the show to completion.

 The team was made up of artistic advisors, church leaders, and practical-minded volunteers.  Their contribution to help set the foundation of this project was incalculable. 


Carrie Wrigley   Writer, Composer, Director, Orchestrator
Bruce Sullivan  Music / Orchestration Consultant
Javen Tanner  Theatre Consultant
Sonja Ervin  Props Master
Iffer Mitchell  Costume Development (Period 1)
Esther Jonhommed   Costume Management (Period 2)
Marshall Crawley  Lighting Designer / Conference Center Liasson 

Cara Call

Doug Ballard  Final video

Ed Matsu

 Hair / Makeup Consultant
Dale Hoskins  Set construction manager
Spencer Robinson  Photography / Videography



Steve Wrigley

Terri Smith

John Andrus

Kevin Allred

High Council Adivsor; Outreach and Publcity

Stake Relief Society President

Stake Presidency Representative

High Council Rep; Audio Manager



Debbie Allred

Delese Bettinson

Jennifer Jolley

Chris Mounteer

 Script Development; Process Development  



Annie Wrigley

Michael Wrigley

Joey Wrigley

Callie Lythgoe

 Script Development; Youth Outreach  



Barry Newbold

Sherry Newbold

Connie Slaughter

Hal Romrell

 Script Development; Community Outreach  














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