Here is how the cast divides later in Act 2:


Lamanites:  (34)

 Core Cast      



   Son of Ishmael 1   

   Son of Ishmael 2

 Chris Mounteer  

 Josh Krebs  

 Andrew Curtis

 Matthew Krebs

 Mrs. Laman

 Mrs. Lemuel

 Wife of SoI 1

 Wife of SoI 2

 Mandy Mounteer

 Jenny Ballsteadt

 Camarie Curtis

 Rachel Larson

  Children of SoI 1

 Britton Bettinson  

Children of SoI 1

 Hannah Demke

 Zoey Slaughter


Children of SoI 2

 Julia Weidenman

 Daphne Mounteer   

 Heidi Larson

 Wilderness Children         
   Laman's Child  Jacob Weidenman   Lemuel's Child     Paige Ballsteadt
 Ensemble Cast      

    Hired Chieftains

  Dave Bogenrief

  Alan Moss

 Descant Lamanite Women  

  Kirin Krebs

  Nicole Hillary 

    Hired Warriors

 Michael Carrier

 Nick Anderson 

 Justin Martell

 Jordan Martell

 O'Ryan Jones

 Jacob Andrus

Singing Lamanite Women 

 Desiree Robinson

 Crystal Carrier

 Angela Griffin

 Terrie Simmons

 Allie Jones


Nephites:  (15 onstage +   29 Angels = 44 Total)

 Core Cast      

   Older Nephi



 > SOI 2 Child

 Jaron Briggs 

 Grant Langston

 Matt Maxwell

 > Parker Bettinson

 Mrs. Nephi

 Mrs. Sam

 Mrs. Zoram

> SOI 1 Child

 Callie Lythgoe

 Madi Haycock

 Janae Smith 

 > Miah Larson

 Ensemble Cast      

 > Jacob

 > Joseph

 > Kyle Frogley

 > Joseph Wrigley

 Wilderness Children          

 Zoram's Son

Dallon Carrier

 Zoram's Daughter  

 Nephi's Child 

 Sams's Children


 Lilian Smith

 Shaylyn Stevens

 Cadence Bettinson

 Bridget Ballsteadt

Additional Nephite kids

 Eden Krebs

 Keturah Krebs

Additional Nephite kids

 Ammon Krebs

 Ashton Curtis












 Older Mrs. Nephi



 Jen Jolley

 Anne Cecala

 Annie Wrigley

 Core Cast > Angels      



 Bruce Sullivan

 Bryant Howell     


 Mrs. Ishmael

 Carrie Wrigley

 Debbie Allred  


 Jeff Kocherhans

 Steve Wrigley


 Anne Cecala

 Annie Wrigley

 Jen Jolley

  Guardian Angels

 Aaron Parks

 Jacob Pehrson

 [Kyle Frogley]

 Guardian Angels

 Delese Bettinson

 Brynn Lythgoe

 Katie Jones

 Megan Haycock 

  Angel Choir

 Barry Newbold

 Joel Tuaileva

 Treven Cole

 Angel Choir

 Kathy Stimpson

 Laurel Tuaileva

 Lyndel Hammond

 Madi Stone

 Ronee Scott

 Sherry Newbold

 Sue Watts

 Valerie Wanlass 

In Act I and Finale only : Michael Wrigley   


Song: Ye Must Press Forward (SA)

Click here for the title song, "Ye Must Press Forward," shared in SA form, in PDF format.

Publicity Statement

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Producing This Show Yourself

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"Wherefore, ye must press forward,
with a steadfastness in Christ."

- 2 Nephi 32:20

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