These represent the various set pieces and curtain status for each scene in the play, and the basic areas in which actor movement occurs.

This will be useful for reference by actors, stage crew, directing team, and light designer. 

Blocking Default Grids, Act 1:  

1) Overture   2) Not a Show   3) Jerusalem  4) Vision of Heaven   5) Valley of Lemuel  6) Brass Plates  7) Ishmael's  8) Rebellion  9) Starlit Night 10) 2 Families  11) Lehi's Dream  12) Marital Bliss   13) Broken Bow  14) Nahom  

Blocking Default Grid, Act 2, Part 1  

17) Entracte to Strength1  18) Strength2-Funeral   19) Strength3-Reset Scenes  20) Strength4-Babies     21) Journeyings1-Strong    22) Journeyings2-Families     23) Bountiful    24) In Background   25) Driven to Mountain   26) Happy Here   27) Brother Fool     28) Home-Promised Land   29) Sariah's Death    30) Lehi's Death

Blocking Default Grid, Act 2, Part 2:  

31) Hey Little Brother    32) Nephi's Den   33) Wronged!   34) City of Nephi  35) Post War   36) WeTalk1-Nephi/Wife  37) WeTalk2-Prophets  38) WeTalk3-Pioneers  39) WeTalk4-Families  40) WhatAll1-Lehi/Sariah  41) WhatAll2-Narrators 42) Imperfect World  43)  Press1 - Nephi / Wife  44) Press2-Future


Blocking Notes, Act 2 (identifying specific times within lines and songs for movement)

Finale Casting, Act 2 (idenitifying who everyone appears as in the Finale.)

Song: Ye Must Press Forward (SA)

Click here for the title song, "Ye Must Press Forward," shared in SA form, in PDF format.

Publicity Statement

Click here for a brief description of the show, for use by ward reps, newsletter editors, social media users,  and others in publicizing the production.

Producing This Show Yourself

Printed music, orchestration tracks, and scripts are available. Write here for more information.

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"Wherefore, ye must press forward,
with a steadfastness in Christ."

- 2 Nephi 32:20

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