Notes from War Council 2-13-16 with cast, outlining Nephite-Lamanite differences in weaponry, fighting styles:



Out to protect families, wives

Elves – More defensive, strategic, planned, pointed, accurate

Romans- formations

Star Wars – formation – shield blocks the guy next to you


Fought to defend their land – only purpose – push beyond  boundaries of land.

Tribal groups – like range war – guards – women and children not on outskirts

Nephites have advantage – barricades

Reluctance to kill



Orks – Force – savagery -

Germanic – out for single glory – out for their fight – not fighting as a unite

Youth – fought more like small animals

Narnia – White witch – not just trying to kill enemy, but self

No mercy

Lamanites invading – coming to kill and to conquer

Cuz Laman issue attack, going to Nephites

Delight to kill


Vignette ideas – Nephite wounds Lamanite, but lets him crawl away – all we want is for you to leave

                        Lamanite just wants to kill.

                        Justifies violence of the Nephites – kill or be killed.

                        “We would not kill them if they’d leave us alone”           

Random formations vs. orderly formations – playbook, vs. they don’t

Motivation – Lamanites compelled by Laman and Lemuel.

Nephites – fight for God, religion

Lamanites – completely convinced – all theirs by God’s hand – fighting to establish their world.

Conquest – both sides fighting for their family.

Were the Lamanites religious?

Experiences with angels?

Nephi has the plates – Liahona, plates, sword of Laban

Like martyrdom of JS – son stepped in – endorsed  by Emma and others – no, not who God chose.

“Brigham wants to build a church to themselves.”

Took their sacred manuscripts.

Laman feels – this is his from the time he’s born, that his father’s caring for.

God chose the youngest – Joseph Jacob, David

Apostates – melt them down

Tradition of Great Spirit – tradition got stolen

Ammon –

Mulekites – left from same env but no records

Illiterate – forgot all about God.

Lehi – Melch priesthood holder – ordained Nephi, who ordained Jacob and Joseph

Incredible to think he didn’t ordain his older sons.

Laman – holder of priesthood – becomes spiritual leader – prophet boy has left – tell you what

Religion of pride, cultic.

Delese –weaponry

Nephites – industrious

Lamanites – borrow from others, use stones, clubs

EBA foam, can scult to look metallic.

High density foam

Weapons: Nephites: swords, cimeters. Nephi – pounding, building things from metal. Shields, defensive weapons and formation, armaments.

Lamanites:  lose metallurgical technology.  Wood and stone – tomahawks, axes, clubs, spears, broad variety of primitive weapons.   No shields.  Warpaint, vs. no warpint


Laman – wants best for kids

Since smaller number of Nephites – equip smaller number of me.

Because of minimal number – adorn with

Banner, crest

Tassels, silver buckles, turquoise – fringe, strips of leather

Lamanites weapons bring more open – so like 3 separate knives – primary weapon and backup weapon

Macuahuitl – Aztec weapon

2 Ne. 5:14-15

14 – took sword of Laban, after manner made many swords

Taught to build buildings – work all manner of -  wood, iron, copper, brass, steel, gold, silver.

People worked hard, industrious.  He not the only one building armaments.

“He knew the hatred of Lamanites for him and his children
He taught them to work these materials

Lamanites – wood, stone, obsidian, flint

Lighting – elements of red, blue –

Nephi as leader – have a lot of armor

Lamanite – not armed except

Nephites – shield.

Scenes – Nephi/Laman – lets him go

Take – wife, kids – attempted abduction


Nephites – led by faith, prophet – at humble point in cycle – Nephite – prayer, kneeling, looking to God

Lamanites  - incite fear, subjugate with fear

Leaders – Lamanites –

Lamanites yelling , Npehites praying as battle begins.

BYU sports teams – pray first – brotherhood – together – united

Lamanites – enjoying this battle – they will embrace death


Nephi’s shadow

Abudction – no out for blood

Weapons – 600 BC – daggers, boomerangs.

Arrows of light, as projections?

Armies squaring off – lights go down – others have fallen

Not show

Episodic battles

Pantomime, like dart shooter – so no real flying objection

Drawing bow

Matt – secret to victory – not just technology, inspiration, God

Miracle – God’s

 Prophets – behind them

Really bright onstage

Carry arrows, not tipped arrows – in

Whenever Lamanites go down – because warmongering – even if they can’t walk, dragging self to kill opponent – thirst for blood.

Somebody does on Nephites gather – don’t leave a man behind.

Lamanite goes down – they scatter

Edges of battle – medics – women?

Style, technology

Nephites onstage – Lamanites run onstage and attack

Lamanites – style of movement – savage, animalistic, primitive, squat, low, looking like animal, predator

Nephites – upright, like men – nobility

Lamanites fight as individuals without synchronization, chaotic,

Nephites – gathered in teams, formations, teams, wings

People who don’t have lines – Lamanites guttural

Laman – spouting propaganda – people respond gutterally.

Nephites – their words intelligent – come help me order here, orders to change formation

Lamanites attack so Nephites have advantage

Lamanites – panther – lunging – low to ground – striking – brute force with axe.

Don’t care if live or die – just kill as many as possible before die, trying to take down barricade.

Entire battle – like cat and mouse – change who has upper mouse

Much bloodshed on both sides.  Going back retreating, going forward.  

Somebody important dies

Matt – only time fought – Ratweiler bit wife.  Will fight to defend those precious to you. 



      Notes from war styles, Josh Ellington:

Lamanites and Nephites fight differently:

Lamanites:  more savage, like wild animals, stab people in back, dirty tricks

Nephites – look into how middle east fought

Ultimately  - guerilla warfare – hide from enemy

Lamanites – less supportive of each other – every man for himself.

Weapons – Nephi – sword of Laban – Lamanites no.

Lamanties – clubs

Nephites – refined

Obsidian – black chipped

Swords –

Lamanites – go kill Nephi, really crude.

Can’t wield an obsidian sword like steel.

Nephites more like fencer – Lamanites – heavy slings, wild.

Lines, shields, swords, organized way to attack, strategy in place

Opponent fighting chaotically.

Martial arts – derived from watching animals.

Kung fu – watching crane fight a snake. 

Think Nephites fighting as really refined animal.

Watching Lamanites – dog fight – any way try to hurt opponent, not thinking carefully,  not moving efficiently

Nephites – way they fight look more skilled.

Lamanites – draw power from being vcious whereas Nephites draw power from    guidance from revelation.

Think adult parents – go off and defend families – resolute, determinted confident.  Lamanties – like child throwing tantrum – animal instincts, viciousnesss.

Nephite – advantage of foreknowledge.

20 years – difference in armor even more marked – Lamantites scavengers, savages – put together what  they could by scavenging, killing – not as well armed.

Great opportunity to show the difference

Nephites- organized appearance – look similar – more tailored.

Lamanties – whatever pieves of of fur skins- hair dirty, messed up , paint faces – stain with blood.

Nephites look like civilized people, soldiers.

Wife – Lord  of rings -   Orks vs.  Humans – the whole fellowship – armor – elegant – faces painted, streaked, dirty.

Nephites – at least breastplates, shield.

Lamanites – no.  

They don’t fight that way – they fight all offence – Nephites more careful, strategize, defensie armor.

Lamanites – best it gets – leather.

Costumer – animal skins.  Best if just patched together piecemeal.

Helmets maybe Nephites.

Lamanites – animal head as a display, but not protective.

Whole idea – Lamanites – scavengers – what they can hack together – appearance meant to inspire fear.

Nephties – inspire unity, confidence, sense of purpose.

Soldiers of God.

Whereas the Lamanites are practically animals

One side – Nephites coming in in formation

Other side – Lamanites – half crawling, half wandering in – pushing infighting –

Order and discipline vs. complete savagery. 

“War” – Lamanites rush in.

Even use light – Lamanites red/dark,   Nephites blue.

Won’t be hard to make it very clear – difference.

Lamanites – like scavengers – like dogs over a piece of meat.

While complaining together – also infighting.  – killed each other on a regular basis as much as Nephties.  ‘You eat what you kill” – someone has something you want – you kill you get to keep it.

He finds these other people – I know these people are suckers – walk in and take their stuff. 

Nephi would remember how



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