Lehi Sariah
Nephi (Older) Nephi (Younger)
Sam Nephi (Older)


Poster: "Press Forward"


-- Lehi - Bruce Sullivan  /  Sariah - Carrie Wrigley
Laman & Lemuel - Chris Mounteer & Joshua Krebs   /   Young Nephi - Michael Wrigley
Nephi - Jaron Briggs   /   Sam - Grant Langston


-- Designs created by:  Matt Maxwell

Song: Ye Must Press Forward (SA)

Click here for the title song, "Ye Must Press Forward," shared in SA form, in PDF format.

Publicity Statement

Click here for a brief description of the show, for use by ward reps, newsletter editors, social media users,  and others in publicizing the production.

Producing This Show Yourself

Printed music, orchestration tracks, and scripts are available. Write here for more information.

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"Wherefore, ye must press forward,
with a steadfastness in Christ."

- 2 Nephi 32:20

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