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Lehi's Family Tree  (New Era article, January 2004, describing the men and women in Lehi's family.)

Probable Ages of Nephi and Sariah at the Time of Lehi's Escape  (Article by Randall P. Spackman)


Swords and "Cimeters" in the Book of Mormon  (Article by Matt Roper)

Why Does the Book of Mormon Mention Cimeters?  (Article by Book of Mormon Central;  Video)

Weapons in the Book of Mormon (Carrie Wrigley research, with references)  

Legal Perspectives on the Slaying of Laban (Article by John W. Welch)


Ancient Israeli tents  (Google images)

Ancient Jerusalem walls     Jerusalem walls    (Google images)


Documentary Notes:       Journey of Faith         A New World

Dude, Don't Be a Lemuel : A Teenage Guide to Avoiding Lemuelitis (Sample of the humorous but inspiring youth-oriented book by David Bowman) 

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Nephi's Sisters; Ishmaelitish women; Chronology of Nephi's Family   (3-28-14, C. Wrigley)

Weapons in the Book of Mormon







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