Here is the music for Act 2, for cast use and rehearsal:


          #=Item #   Page=Script Page   PDF=Sheet Music    MP3=Workshop Recording*    Acc=Piano Accompaniment  

Part 1 - Lehi's Calling   

# Song Title Page Characters PDF MP3 Acc
1 Overture/From the Dust 3 Lehi, Jeremiah, Zephaniah, Company PDF MP3 MP3
2 Therefore I Make a Record 3 Older Nephi PDF    MP3
3 This Is Not a Show About 3-4 Narrators, Cast PDF  MP3 MP3 
4 People of Jerusalem 4-5 Prophets, People of Jerusalem PDF  MP3 MP3 
5 That I May Hear 5 Lehi, Older Nephi, Angels PDF    MP3 
6 Great and Marvelous  6 Lehi, Angels 
7 Repent! / Who? 6-7 Lehi, People of Jerusalem
8 Blessed Art Thou, Lehi  8 Instrumental


Part 2 - Choosing Paths   

# Song Title Page Characters PDF MP3 Acc

Leave It All Behind

7  Sariah, Y. Nephi, Prophets, POJ, Angels PDF MP3 MP3 
10 Like This River, Valley 8 Lehi; Sariah; Angels; Narrators   PDF  MP3 MP3 
11 Our Father Is A Fool  8-9 Laman, Lemuel, Sam PDF  MP3 MP3
12 For Myself  9 Young Nephi; Nephi  PDF MP3 MP3
13 Blessed Are Thou, Nephi  10 Voice of God PDF    MP3 
14a I Have Dreamed a Dream  10 Lehi  PDF  MP3 MP3 
14b I Will Go (mp3 with #20) 10-11 Young Nephi; Lehi PDF  MP3 cont 
15 One Road, Two Choices  11 Narrators; Angels PDF  MP3 MP3 
16  Nephi's Vow 12 Y. Nephi and Brothers  PDF MP3 MP3
17  Into Your Hands 13 Nephi's Angel PDF  MP3 MP3 
18 A Way  14 Nephi's Angel; Y. Nephi  PDF  MP3 MP3
19 What Is All This For? 15 Sariah, Lehi PDF  MP3 MP3 
20 Now I Know  16 Sariah, Lehi, Their Sons PDF  MP3 MP3 


Part 3 - Expanding Family   

# Song Title Page Characters PDF MP3 Acc
21a Travel to Ishmael's 16 Instrumental -- -- MP3
21b Come With Us 18-19 Lehi's Sons; Ishmael & Family   PDF MP3 MP3
22 Joined in Their Journey 17-19  N'Ss; Lehi's Sons, I'S Family  PDF  MP3 MP3 
23 Joined in... Part 2 19-20 N'Ss; Lehi's Sons, I'S Family cont cont MP3
24  Beautiful Tonite  20 Lehi, Sariah PDF  MP3 MP3

Lehi's Dream 

21 Lehi, Family, Angels, People of J.  PDF MP3 MP3
26b In the Valley of Lemuel  22 Narrators; Families of Lehi and Ishmael  PDF  MP3 MP3 


Part 4 - Tests and Trials   

# Song Title Page Characters PDF MP3 Acc
28a Tender Mercies, Part 1  23 Nephi's Wife; Sariah, Young Nephi PDF MP3 MP3 
28b Tender Mercies, Part 2 24 Families of Lehi and Ishmael PDF MP3 cont 
29 Out Here
24-25 Ishmael's daughters; Lehi; Y. Nephi  PDF  MP3 MP3 
30 Precious Things 
25 Ishmael's Daughters  PDF  MP3 MP3 
31 In the Wilderness  25  Laman, men; Nephi >>dialogue L&S  PDF  MP3 MP3 
32 Eventually  26-27  Sariah, Angels, Company  PDF  MP3 MP3 


*Note - These workshop recordings are provided as rehearsal tools for the cast, and as reference recordings for the production team.

They were recorded on a simple iPhone program, by performers who had just finished learning these songs.  Therefore, they are not musically or technically perfect. However, they will be of great assistence in the continued  development of the show.

At times, parts are sung by Carrie, that in reality will be sung be assigned cast members in the show.  This is because the recordings were done as Carrie taught each cast member or group their assigned part, without being able to have everyone present at the same rehearsal.     Some songs (20-21, and 42-43) contain more than one song - this occurs when the songs follow one another immediately in the show, and are sung by the same characters.  

A special thanks to Joey Wrigley for developing the table on this webpage;  Bruce Sullivan for preparing the mp3's; and the workshop cast for working so hard over months' time to learn these parts.


16 In a Tent  10 Nephi; Lehi and Family  PDF  MP3 MP3

Nephi's Vision

23 Instrumental -- -- MP3

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