MP3's of Choral Songs (Vocal Demos)

These recordings were created in 2015 by Jeff Kocherhans and Carrie Wrigley, through multi-track recording, for use by the cast in learning their parts.  
Accompaniment is piano-only in these demos, as the orchestration hadn't been created at this point in development)

1) That I May Hear  (Carrie covering Lehi and Nephi solos for now;  Jeff and Carrie covering all choir parts)

2) Great and Marvelous (Bruce as Lehi; Jeff and Carrie covering choir parts)

3) Lehi's Dream / In the Valley of Ishmael (Carrie and Jeff covering all parts for now)

4) Eventually (Carrie and Jeff covering all parts for now.)


5)  In the Background    (Carrie covering solos, including Sam/Zoram counterpoint; Jeff as male angels)

6) The Manner of Happiness (Nephite-Lamanite Battle Song - soundtrack for the war sequence.)

7) Awake, My Soul  (Carrie covering Nephi and Kyle solos for now, Jeff and Carrie covering choir parts)

8)  Finale (Jeff covering Nephi solo; Carrie covering Nephi's wife harmony; Jeff and Carrie covering all other solo and choir parts - We Talk of Christ to Press Forward) 


      (Note: If you wish to download these mp3's, right-click on the link and select "Download Link As" or "Save Link As.")

The stage versions will feel much bigger, because of the greater diversity of voices onstage.
But these recordings can be useful, in helping a cast to learn their parts, and hear how all the parts fit together.  Enjoy!

Note: Accompaniment MP3's and PDF's of the all the music for Act I available  >>HERE.<<

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