Here are the tracks Jeff Kocherhans prepared, to assist the cast and choir in learning the more demanding songs:

The whole arrangement is first, followed by the various parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) in each song, made louder than the rest of the mix so you can hear it well and learn the part more easily.  

Click on the song title for the full mix, or a part name for your individual part. 


1  That I May Hear  ||    1 Sop     2 Sop     Alto   Tenor   Bass    

2  Great and Marvelous   ||  Soprano 1&2    Alto   Tenor   Bass     Baby Angels

3  Lehi's Dream / In the Valley of Lemuel   ||   1 Sop     2 Sop    1 Alto   2 Alto   Tenor   Bass  

4  Eventually   ||  Sop 1&2     Alto    Tenor   Bass     Baby Angels

5  The Manner of Happiness  ||      1 Sop     2 Sop    1 Alto   2 Alto   Tenor   Bass  

6  Awake, My Soul     ||    1 Sop     2 Sop    1 Alto   2 Alto   1 Tenor  2 Tenor   Bass  

7  Finale (We Talk of Christ to Press Forward) 

8  In the Background



Workshop Recordings of Angel Choir songs, Act 2, recorded at angel rehearsal Sunday, April 13

1  In the Background (whole song)

2  Driven to the Mountain (whole song)

3  I Have Not Forgotten (starting just before verse 2 when choir enters)

4  Beautiful Tonight Reprise (later portion, beginning just before angels enter)

5  Awake, My Sons (latter portion, beginning just before angels enter)

6  Finale (beginning with "What All of This is For")



Song: Ye Must Press Forward (SA)

Click here for the title song, "Ye Must Press Forward," shared in SA form, in PDF format.

Publicity Statement

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Producing This Show Yourself

Printed music, orchestration tracks, and scripts are available. Write here for more information.

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"Wherefore, ye must press forward,
with a steadfastness in Christ."

- 2 Nephi 32:20

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